How to get to Røst

Now you can easily get to Røst for the opera weekend: Join the party Saturday night, Skagen activity center comes with its great tipi tents, there are dance bands and sale of food and drink for the opera. Take the night ferry back to Bodø.

Or make a Sunday trip to the island outermost in Lofoten and discover the unique history of Querini at our matinée performance at 15:00. Join our church sermon with a Catholic twist at 11:00 am, with sacred music performed by our outstanding opera festival singers / musicians. Piazza Querini opens at 12:00, here you can visit our medieval market with many exciting products and activities.

Extra ferry «M / S VÆRØY» (located at the Hurtigruten quay in Bodø, next to the main train station)

Saturday August 2

From Bodo 16:00 – arrival Rost 7:30 p.m.

Røst From 01:00 – arrival in Bodø 5:00
Sunday, 3 August
From Bodo 07:00 – arrival 10:45 Røst
Røst From 8:30 p.m. – 3:30 arrival in Bodø

buy your tickets on the boat

by car? Book in advance: +47 908 20700


WIDERØE takes you all the way to Røst: Go to their website and search for travel Røst

M / S «VÆRØY» is located just beside the train station and only a short drive from the airport.
If you bring your own car (caravan, mobile home, etc.) running only to Bodo book space for your car on the ferry and enjoy a very special boat trip to the outer islands of Lofoten; Røst.
Reserve space for the car on mob +47 908 20 700
Please note that it is not possible to book tickets for people on the car ferry. The exception is if you book space with the car. Be in good time when you book car space and do not despair if it is fully booked when you call. Torghatten Nord are only allowed to reserve 40% of the total car capacity on the ferry. If you go early and line up in the ferry queue the day of travel it is a big chance that you will get on the ferry.